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Message from the President

Last year, Miyagi University of Education (MUE) celebrated its 50th anniversary as the only university in the Tohoku region in Japan completely dedicated to educating teachers. Since our establishment, following the principle of "Taking the Responsibility of Educating Teachers," we have focused on training university students to become teachers with strong will for high quality, high proficiency, and life-long learning. Having been entrusted with taking responsibility of being the base of education over a vast area, and redefining the Mission Statement set in 2013, we now aspire to train students to become outstanding educators following our motto of "For the Future of Education and the Future of Children.
Our university is made up of three curricula in the undergraduate school: Elementary School Teacher Education, Junior High School Teacher Education, and Special Needs Teacher Education. We also have two curricula in the graduate school: Master's Course and In-service Teacher Master's Course. In all our curricula, we take upon the responsibility of training teachers who have exceptional human qualities, practical leadership skills, and broad vision to excel in their chosen fields. The professors at MUE are devoted to training inspirational teachers on a daily basis, as is described in our diploma policy.
There is also an abundance of extracurricular activities available at MUE, including independent research seminars, club activities, volunteer groups, study trips abroad, and exchange programs, as well as strong links with educational organizations such as zoological parks and astronomical observatories. Our professors understand the great importance of rearing the next generation as globally-minded people, and thus have we a rich English language program, short-term and long-term study abroad programs, in addition to firm relationships with affiliated universities in several countries.
At MUE, we also strongly believe in the value of teachers working closely with members of the local community. After making contributions to local schools as undergraduates, our students continue such work as teachers and members of MUE's Centre of Community or COC Project, through which MUE has become a base point for education. At this especially important time, five years after the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, we strive to train and educate teachers who act as strong reliable supports on which children and all those suffering from loss can lean upon.
Since the establishment of MUE, we have educated teachers who do not see their learning complete at graduation, but as a lifelong journey. Teachers who graduated from MUE with this mindset now play active roles in schools and Boards of Education all over Japan, from regions of Tohoku in the northeast, to Greater Tokyo, Hokkaido, and Okinawa, in addition to, of course, Miyagi Prefecture. We are committed to continuing our efforts to produce excelling innovative educators and be a home base to which all teachers can feel comfortable coming back to.

MIKAMI Kazuyuki - MUE President

1946 Mikami Kazuyuki was born
1970 B.Edu. Yokohama National University (Science Education)
1973 M.S. Tohoku University (Biology)
1976 Ph.D. Tohoku University (Biology)
1975-1989 Research Associate at Research Institute for Science Education, MUE
1989-1994 Associate Professor, Research Institute for Science Education, MUE
1994-1997 Professor, Research Institute for Science Education, MUE
1997-present Professor, Environmental Education Center, MUE
2000-2005 Director of Environmental Education Center, MUE
2005-2007 The principal of the affiliated elementary school, MUE
2007-2012 Vice President, Director of general affairs, MUE
2012 President, MUE