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Graduate Schools, Research Division of Advanced Teacher Training

MA in Life Education


Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Professor: ABIKO Hiraku (Life Education, Engineering Education)

Professor: UGAWA Yoshihiro (Bioinformatic Science)

Professor: OKA Masaaki (Crop Science)

Professor: KAMATA Yoshiro (Sitology)

Professor: NISHIKAWA Shigekazu (Clothing)

Professor: MIZUTANI Yoshinari (Electronic Engineering)

Professor: SUGAWARA Masanori (Homemaking, Housing)

Associate Professor: ANDO Akinobu (Technology Education)

Professor: KAMEI Aya

Associate Professor: ONODERA Taiko

Associate Professor: KOUSOKABE Taku

Associate Professor: KADOTA Kazuo (Mechanical engineering)

Technical Staff: ABE Hiromasa

Course Description

We aim at scientifically understanding the highly multifaceted and complex contemporary society through the relationship between life and technology.
In order to achieve this, it is necessary that a wide range of specialists cooperate, staff from the Department of Technological Education and Department of Domestic Science Education work together, making this course a joint program for which both departments are responsible. This structure is reflected in the curriculum as well, having Specialized Studies of Material Science, Specialized Studies of Sitology and Specialized Studies of Information Technology Basics as common compulsory subjects, taught by the teaching staff from both departments.
Our main objectives for research are establishing content and developing teaching methods and teaching materials for elementary school 'Domestic Science' and junior high school 'Technology, Domestic


The basic structure is that students acquire necessary credits in the first year and concentrate on their graduation theses in the second. They decide which research-laboratory to study at in April of the first year and the methods of research are to be decided in discussion with their supervisors. There are two research-laboratories: the Technology Research Laboratory and the Life-Related Element Research Laboratory.

Licenses and Certificates

Elementary School Teacher's Specialized License
Secondary School Teacher's Specialized License (Technology)(Domestic Science)
High School Teacher's Specialized License (Domestic Science)(Engineering)

Employment Situation and Career Opportunities

Teaching: Elementary Schools (Miyagi, Sendai), Junior High Schools (Miyagi, Sendai, Toyama), High Schools (Miyagi, Iwate), Teaching Assistant in a Univerisy.