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Graduate Schools, Research Division of Advanced Teacher Training

MA in Physical Education, Health Care


Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Professor: MAEDA Junichi (Exercise Physiology)

Professor: IKEDA Koichi (Exercise Methods Studies, Biomechanics)

Professor: KINOSHITA Hidetoshi (Study in Sports Exercise, Methods for Exercise Apparatus)

Professor: HASHIMOTO Junichiro

Professor: KUROKAWA Tetsuya (PE Health Care Education, Study Materials Research)

Appointed Professor: SATOMI Mariko (Physical Expression Theory, Gymnastics)

Associate Professor: KAMIYA Taku

Associate Professor: KUROKAWA Naoyuki

Course Description

Our goal is to train future teachers or sports specialists to be active as leaders in groups of teachers or of sports instructors, having both practical leadership and specialized research ability in PE in schools and sports practice. It is made possible by offering postgraduate-level specialized lectures, training and experiments in PE, Health Care Pedagogy, PE Studies, Kinesiology and Health Education. Emphasis is placed on furthering specialized areas such as Health, PE and Sports Sciences and combining research and practice by attending the actual school education and sports practice.


In this specialized course, there are four areas - PE, Health Care Pedagogy, PE Studies, Kinesiology and Health Education. Students are to learn each of these subjects while at the same time choosing their research themes and supervisors in one of those areas. It is through this study and research that students cultivate their abilities, such as organizing curricula and research on fundamental specialized subjects, practical leadership in classes, events, club activities related to School Health, PE and Sports. The culmination of their research is the graduation thesis, which they work on for two years under their supervisor.
Common Research Laboratory for MA Students in PE, Health Care is available for their research, while it is also possible for them to work on their research under their supervisors from the first year of MA.

Licenses and Certificates

Granted upon graduation: Elementary School Teacher's Specialized
License, Junior High School Teacher's Specialized License (PE, Health
Care), High School Teacher's Specialized License (PE, Health Care)

Employment Situation and Career Opportunities

Teaching: Elementary Schools (Miyagi, Tohoku, etc.), Junior High
Schools (Miyagi, Tohoku, Hokkaido, etc.), High Schools (Miyagi, etc.)
Companies: Tokyo Shoseki, etc.
Further Academic Career: MA in Tohoku University, PhD in Tokyo
Institute of Technology, etc.