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Graduate Schools, Research Division of Advanced Teacher Training

MA in Art Education


Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Professor: ASANO Haruyuki (Craft - Ceramics)

Professor: KATSURA Masahiko (Design - Product, Graphic and Spatial)

Professor: NITTA Hideki (Art History, Art Theory - Theory on Contemporary Art)

Professor: TORAO Yutaka (Sculpture - Three-Dimensional Expressions)

Professor: HIRAKAKIUCHI Kiyoshi (Painting - Prints, Media Arts)

Associate Professor: ABIKO Fumihira (Painting - Two-Dimensional Expressions, Oil Paintings)

Associate Professor: MURAKAMI Takashi (Art Education - Art Projects)

Course Description

In this course, we set our purpose to provide students with further development in teaching. Curriculum is organized around both theory and practice in such a way as to stress practical training in the classroom environment, offering opportunities for new graduates, mature students and in-service teachers to research Art Education with strong awareness of various relevant issues.


In their first year of the MA program, under the supervision and advice of the teaching staff, students set their subjects for graduation thesis, along with taking compulsory subjects - 'Specialized Theories on Art Education', 'Special Training for Art Education' and Research on Education Practice' - and lectures/training, such as painting, sculpture, design, crafts and art history. In the following year, they take 'Special Research', in which they work on further research for their chosen theme, producing their graduation thesis (or equivalent work) to be evaluated by the Graduation Theses Evaluation Committee.

Licenses and Certificates

Degree in Pedagogy
Qualification for Elementary School Teacher's Specialized License, Junior High and High School Teacher's Specialized License (Art)

Employment Situation and Career Opportunities

Teaching: Elementary Schools (Tokyo, Part-Time in Kanagawa), Junior High Schools (Miyagi, Kanagawa), Part-Time in Yokohama College of Art and Design, Lecturer in Tongji University Art Department (China)
Media and Publishing:Monthly Art Magazine 'Gallery'
Cultural Institution: Sendai Mediatheque (part-time)
Further Academic Career: MA in Tokyo University of the Arts