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Graduate Schools, Research Division of Advanced Teacher Training

MA in Music Education


Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Professor: KURATO Teru (Piano)

Professor: HIBINO Hiroyuki (Conducting, Concert, Orchestra)

Professor: OWA Keiko (Vocal)

Professor: KIKKAWA Kazuo (Composition)

Professor: OSHIO Satomi (Musicology)

Professor: HARADA Hiroyuki (Vocal)

Associate Professor: OBATA Chihiro (Music Education)

Course Description

Classes consist of Specialized Theories and Specialized Training, which concern the area of each student's supervisor. They are either small seminars or one-to-one lessons using practical skills, considering each student's ability, treating his/her motivation as an essential element. The curriculum is organized in such a way as to allow students to both further their understanding in their specialized subjects and acquire broad knowledge of music in general.
For their specialized area, they start their research under the supervisor from the beginning of the course. For their graduation theses, students are to participate in an orientation in November of the first year, followed by their Graduation Thesis Progress Report Presentation, for which supervision from all of our teaching staff is available.
Furthermore, as the most important event of the course, we have the Shuonkai Music Festival, which is organized and run in cooperation with the undergraduates, postgraduates and alumni union. It has been held over thirty times and is a highly unique event even on a national scale. Every year, it is held in mid February and early March. In February, a variety of presentations are delivered by the undergraduates, postgraduates and alumni in the Music Building and Auditorium of MUE, concerning achievements of classes and individual research themes, while in the following month, presentations and musical performances on their graduation theses (both under/postgraduates) are delivered in an auditorium in Sendai.
The Shuonkai Music Festival is an enormously important event for the course, constituting the culmination of the years' work in the Department of Music Education.

Licenses and Certificates

Master's Degree in Pedagogy
Specialized Teacher's License

Employment Situation and Career Opportunities

Students work in various fields, making most of their specialization.
Their careers include; Teaching in Elementary/Junior High/High Schools, Studying Abroad and Private Music Teachers.