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Graduate Schools, Research Division of Advanced Teacher Training

MA in Science Education


Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Professor: IKEYAMA Takeshi (physicochemistry)

Professor: UCHIYAMA Tetsuji (physicality, membrane・surface-interface physicality)

Professory: KASAI Kayoko (organic chemistry, complex chemistry)

Professor: KAWAMURA Toshio (geology)

Professor: SAITO Chiemi

Professor: SAWATARI Hideyuki (analytic chemistry, geochemistry)

Professor: SUGAWARA Satoshi (atmospheric physics)

Professor: TAKATA Toshiko (planetary science)

Professor: TABATA Kenichi (science pedagogy)

Professor: DEGUCHI Ryusaku (zoological embryology)

Professor: FUKUDA Yoshiyuki (particle physics, cosmic-ray physics)

Professor: MURAMATSU Takashi

Associate Professor: KOBAYASHI Yasushi

Associate Professor: MUNAKATA Arimune (behavioral physiology)

Associate Professor: NISHIYAMA Shogo

Associate Professor: WATANABE Naoshi (science pedagogy)

Course Description

The Department of Science Education puts emphasis on two major areas: (1) Promoting the classroom potential of school teachers.
(2) Deepening understanding of different fields of science.
(1) shapes course subjects such as "clinical education research." In these course subjects, prospective teachers aim to create course materials that nurture scientific concepts through observation of nature. On the other hand, (2) has in its foundation the idea that having experience in research is crucial in teaching science at schools. It is up to each of the students to decide which of the two areas they choose to place emphasis on.


Requirements for finishing the master's program are as follows:
l Complete required units from at least two of the following three categories: "specially-opened general courses," "clinical education research," and "courses from other departments."
l Complete required units from the following "specialized subjects in science education," including optional mandatory subjects:
Science education theories course, physics theories course, chemistry theories course, biology theories course, geoscience theories course
Science education training, physics training, chemistry training, biology training, geoscience training
Science education laboratory, physics laboratory, chemistry laboratory, biology laboratory, geoscience laboratory
Biology practical training, geoscience practical training
l Complete "Special Research 1 and 2," submit master thesis under the mentorship of the professors, and pass the evaluation of the thesis and the final examination.

Licenses and Certificates

If the individual possesses an Elementary School, Junior High School, or High School Teacher's License: Category 1 (science), he can obtain a Specialized Elementary School, Junior High School, or High School Teacher's License (science).

Employment Situation and Career Opportunities

Teachers (includes lecturers): junior high school (Sendai), high school (Miyagi), high school (private in Sendai), school for the blind (Miyagi), and school for the disabled (Miyagi), etc.
Proceeding to graduate schools at other universities: Life Science Research Course at Tohoku University Graduate School, Environmental Information Research Course at Yokohama National University Graduate School, and Natural Science Research Course at Kanazawa University Graduate School.