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Graduate Schools, Research Division of Advanced Teacher Training

MA in Mathematics Education


Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Professor: URYU Hitoshi (mathematical analysis)

Professor: KAMADA Hiroyuki (geometry)

Professor: TAKASE Koichi (algebra)

Professor: MORIOKA Masaomi (mathematical education)

Professor: ASOH Toru (geometry)

Associate Professor: SATOH Tokushi (mathematical analysisy)

Associate Professor: TAYA Hisao (algebra)

Course Description

Education and research in this course consists of two major pillars: one related to arithmetic and mathematical education and the other researching in depth, specific areas in mathematics (algebra, geometry, mathematical analysis, and applied mathematics). Students acquire a broader point of view on mathematics and mathematical education through in-depth research on selected themes.


Most courses on specialized mathematics and mathematical education are completed in the first year. In addition, one-on-one seminars with the professor on a specific research topic are offered from the first year, and the accomplishments in those seminars will be summarized as the master thesis.

Licenses and Certificates

No license can be obtained only by the attendance and completion of the 2-year graduate course. However, Elementary School Teacher's License: Category 1, Junior High School Teacher's License: Category 1, and High School Teacher's License: Category 1 will be upgraded to Specialized Elementary School Teacher's License, Specialized Junior High School Teacher's License, and Specialized High School Teacher's License, respectively.

Employment Situation and Career Opportunities

Teachers at junior high school (Miyagi prefecture) and high school (Miyagi prefecture)