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Graduate Schools, Research Division of Advanced Teacher Training

MA in English Education


Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Professor: ITAGAKI Nobuya (English education: English pedagogy, psycholinguistics)

Professor: TAKAHASHI Kiyoshi (English philology: semantics, pragmatics, syntactics, linguistics, Japanese-English contrast research)

Professor: NISHIHARA Tetsuo (English philology: phonetics, phonology, morphology)

Associate Professor: SUZUKI Wataru (English education: English pedagogy,Second language acquisition theory

Associate Professor: TAKEMORI Tetsushi (English literature)

Associate Professor: Adrian Leis (English communication)

Course Description

The Department of English Education offers graduate courses in English pedagogy, English linguistics, and English and American literature. The students are encouraged to take part in academic conferences and research meetings.


The curriculum fulfills 24 units required for the acquisition of the specialized license. Among English pedagogy, English linguistics, and English and American literature, the emphasis is placed on English pedagogy. The course also offers Special Research 1・2 to prepare the students for writing master theses. In addition, it also gives special consideration to including English communication in its curriculum.

Licenses and Certificates

Specialized Junior High School Teacher's License (English), Specialized High School Teacher's License (English)

Employment Situation and Career Opportunities

Many strive to obtain a position at junior high school or high school. However, an increasing number of students are developing interests in English Education at kindergarten and elementary school levels and are looking to obtain such job positions.