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Graduate Schools, Research Division of Advanced Teacher Training

MA in Special Needs Education


Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Professor: AOKI Shigeyoshi (Vision-Impaired Pedagogy)

Professor: SUGAI Hiroyuki (Hearing/Language-Impaired Studies, Communication Disorder Studies, Blind-Deaf Education)

Professor: NAGAO Hiroshi (Vision-Impaired Pedagogy)

Professor: FUJISHIMA Shota (Psychology of Hearing/Language-Impaired, Practical Research on Signal Activities in Language-Impaired Cases)

Associate Professor: UEKIDA Jun

Associate Professor: NAGAI Nobuyuki (Psychology of Vision-Impaired)

Associate Professor: MATSUZAKI Jo (Hearing/Language-Impaired Children Pedagogy, Sign Language Linguistics, Educational Support for Higher Education for Hearing-Impaired Students)

Course Description

The most important characteristic of this course is that the specialized areas of our teaching staff is extremely wide, making it possible for our classes to cover almost all issues regarding Special Needs Education. MUE teachers develop each class with great care, treating communication with the students as one of the essential components.


Students usually spend their first year taking lectures, developing ideas for their graduation theses and designing their own research plans.
As there are not many lectures left to take in the second year much time and energy are spent on their graduation theses.
Many students also spend their free time working on volunteer activities.

Licenses and Certificates

Teacher's Specialized License in Special Needs Education (in a chosen area) is available.

Employment Situation and Career Opportunities

Most students choose to become teachers. Some students have acquired clinical psychotherapist certification and recently some students have entered designated graduate schools.
Aside from these choices, our students also chose to work for welfare institutions for special needs children, to be welfare specialists in local government offices and counselors in public counseling organizations.
Although very few in numbers, there are students who pursue to further their academic careers by starting PhD in other universities.