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Information for Foreign Applicants

Miyagi University of Education to study in foreign

In future studies of Miyagi University of Education welcomes the commitment of excellent students, regardless of nationality.
Tohoku is Japan's Miyagi University of Education, Teachers College is located in Sendai City. MSc graduate is up. College is a small number of 1,800 students, employs experts in all fields, can be a small university. You also have the guidance of Japanese experts, and hit the caring guidance in teaching small groups of students. Miyagi University of Education study at approximately 100 international students each year. Miyagi University of Education is characterized by the excellent leadership of the whole family atmosphere and the university has produced many outstanding students. After returning all, each has been active in the field utilizing the experience of studying abroad.
In the city of Sendai is also green, relatively cheap prices, rich cultural facilities. Livable city for international students. Hot springs nearby.
I am convinced that the future of your fold out Miyagi University of Education. Want to study in Miyagi University of Education you can.
Miyagi University of Education is to study in what to do. The following describes the basic thing.