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Message from the President

Health/Motion-Impaired Education Course


Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Professor: SATO Shizuka (Clinical Psychology)

Professor: MURAKAMI Yoshinori (Studies in Valetudinarianism and Motion-Disorder)

Associate Professor: TERAMOTO Atsushi(Studies in Valetudinarianism and Motion-Disorder)

Course Description

In this course, students study educational support for children who have health issues and/or motion-disorders, difficulties in adapting to their schools, while learning Special Needs Education in general as well. It is noted that students can learn and research areas that had not been given much attention in the current framework of Special Needs Education, which has been organized around categories of disorders, such as health issues in schools, motion-disorders and educational needs for children who have difficulty in adapting to school.


These are small classes with fewer than ten students per class. In their first year, students prepare for their specialized areas in the following year, through courses such as 'Practical Training for Developmental Disorder Education' and 'Introduction to Special Needs Education'. In the second year, they start taking courses in specific areas of Special Needs Education, with Health/Motion-Disorder as the central concern. They are expected to study their specialized areas in order to be able to teach at Special Needs Schools, along with studies for Teacher's License in elementary schools or junior high schools. In the third year, they are to be engaged in Third Year Practice Teaching in elementary schools or junior high schools. 'Educational Support Training for the Orthopedically-Impaired' or 'Educational Support Training for the Valetudinarian' constitutes an important subject, for it is also preparation for their graduation theses. Although there are not many classes, their final year will be quite a busy one, with numerous activities such as Fourth Year Practice Teaching, Practice Teaching in a Special Needs School, graduation theses, Teacher's Employment Tests, Employment Tests for Public Servants, Job Hunting and Preparation for MA (for those who wish to). Therefore it is crucial that they are well prepared to study from the first year.

Licenses and Certificates

Basic Teacher's License (Category 1, Elementary School or Junior High School) and Special Needs Education Teacher's License: Category 1 (Education for Vision-Impaired Children) are available. Furthermore, by taking some extra courses, Special Education Teacher's License in other fields of disability and Teacher's Licenses for Kindergarten or
High School are available.

Employment Situation and Career Opportunities

Although many students naturally choose to become teachers, a variety of careers are available, some students choose to be public servants, work for companies or health care institutions. There are students who go on to study for their Master's as well.