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Message from the President

Vision-Impaired Education Course


Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Associate Professor: NAGAI Nobuyuki (Psychology of Vision-Impaired)

Associate Professor: MISHINA Satoko (Vision-Impaired Pedagogy)

Appointed Associate Professor: TAKEI Masumi (Vision-Impaired Pedagogy)

Course Description

In this course, students learn and research educational support for children who are blind or have difficulty with vision through specialized psychology and practical teaching methods, while learning Special Needs Education in general.


First Year: Students work on acquiring a deep and wide understanding of what 'Disability', mainly of vision, is through 'Practical Training for Vision-Impaired Children Education.'
Second Year: They cultivate specialized knowledge of Vision-Impaired Education, along with basic teacher's license lectures.
Third Year: Central in this year are Practice Teaching in an elementary school and/or a junior high school and training for their graduation theses. It is often the busiest year for students.
Fourth Year: As the culmination of their four years, they work on their graduation theses. There is Practice Teaching at a school for the blind as well.

Licenses and Certificates

Basic Teacher's License (Category 1, Elementary School or Junior High School) and Special Needs Education Teacher's License: Category 1 (Education for Vision-Impaired Children) are available. Furthermore, by taking some extra courses, Special Education Teacher's License in other fields of disability and Teacher's License for Kindergarten or High School are available.

Employment Situation and Career Opportunities

Although many students naturally choose to become teachers, a variety of careers are available, as some choose to be public servants, work in companies or various institutions and some students chose to work on their Master's.