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Message from the President

Division of Music Education


Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Professor: KURATO Teru (Piano)

Professor: HIBINO Hiroyuki (Conducting, Concert, Orchestra)

Professor: OWA Keiko (Vocal)

Professor: OSHIO Satomi (Musicology)

Professor: HARADA Hiroyuki (Vocal)

Associate Professor: OBATA Chihiro (Music Education)

Course Description

In Division of Music Education, students strive to acquire deep understanding of Music Education, in addition to studies on practice, theories and general knowledge of music. We set our goal as producing highly trained teachers who are equipped with good sense of judgement, rich imagination and sophisticated expressivity.


Our main specialized subjects are Solfeggio, Choral Singing, Piano, Organ, Cembalo, Concert, Conducting, Traditional Japanese Musical Instruments, Ethnic Music (gamelan), Composition/Musical Theories and Introduction to Musicology, many of which can be learnt in two or more years. It is also noted that apart from these, available are such subjects as IT-Art and Music Therapy, which enable students to look at music from variety of angles for deeper understanding of it

Licenses and Certificates

Granted upon graduation: Junior High and High School Teacher's License: Category 1 (Music)
In addition to this, Teacher's for the following are available as sub-licenses: License for Kindergarten (Category 1 or 2), Elementary School (Category 1 or 2) Junior High School (Other subjects, Category 1 or 2), High School (Other subjects, Category 1) and Special Needs School (Category 1 or 2).

Employment Situation and Career Opportunities

Teaching at Junior High or High Schools, and depending on sub-licenses, kindergartens, elementary schools and special needs schools.