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Message from the President

Division of English Education


Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Professor: TAKEMORI Tetsushi (English literature)

Appointed Professor: TAKAHASHI Kiyoshi (English philology: semantics, pragmatics, syntactics, linguistics, Japanese-English contrast research)

Appointed Professor: HASEGAWA Alison (English education: English communication)

Associate Professor: SUZUKI Wataru (English education: English pedagogy,Second language acquisition theory

Associate Professor: Adrian Leis (English communication)

Course Description

The division aims to cultivate qualities and abilities required in an educator through learning core courses such as junior high school and high school level social studies, geography, history, and civics from various perspectives. The curriculum is constantly being revised so that students will be able to utilize broad knowledge and perspectives in actual educational fields in the future. Students acquire such knowledge and perspectives through much research on history, comparisons, academic texts, and educational situations as well as statistical analysis.


Students are taught the basics for learning English education in Practical Participatory Training in English Education in the beginning of the course. Students strive to acquire the basics in each of the areas of English education by taking the following classes: English Teaching Methodology for English pedagogy, Surveys in English Grammar and Phonetics for English philology, English-American Literature Theories for English-American literature, English Conversation and Composition for English communication, and Reading in Cross-Cultural Comprehension for cross-cultural comprehension. Furthermore, as the course progresses, students take more advanced classes such as English Pedagogy 2, Language Acquisition Theories, and English Training C and D for English pedagogy, Japanese-English Contrast Philology, Contemporary Grammar Theories, and English Training A and B for English philology, English-American Literature Thematic Theories, English-American Literature Theories, and English-American Literature Training A and B for English-American literature, English Communication Training for English communication, and Reading in Cross-Cultural Comprehension for cross-cultural comprehension. At the end of the four-year course, students conduct their graduation research under professors specializing in the fields of their choice.
It need not be mentioned that, regarding the abilities of English educators, English conversation, English composition, and English communication are crucial to the foundation of all other areas of English. Foreign teachers, including those working part-time, provide for all three basic areas. Students are encouraged to actively take part in course subjects other than those mentioned above in order to acquire broader perspectives. The division provides support to students who wish to conduct medium to long term linguistic research in other countries. Lastly, students are also encouraged to participate in conferences in English education.

Licenses and Certificates

Elementary School Teacher's License: Category 1, Junior High School Teacher's License: Category 1 (English), High School Teacher's License: Category 1 (English)

Employment Situation and Career Opportunities

Teachers: elementary school, junior high school, and high school in Miyagi and other prefectures in Tohoku and prefectures in Kanto Government employees: Sendai municipal office and Miyagi prefectural office Private enterprises: airlines in Japan and overseas, finance-related, trade firms, mass media, language schools, etc Continuation of education: Miyagi University of Education Graduate School, Pedagogy Research Course at Tohoku University Graduate School, International Cultural Research Course at Tohoku University Graduate School, etc