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Message from the President

Mathematics Course


Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Professor: URYU Hitoshi (mathematical analysis)

Professor: KAMADA Hiroyuki (geometry)

Professor: TAKASE Koichi (algebra)

Professor: MORIOKA Masaomi (mathematical education)

Professor: ASOH Toru (geometry)

Associate Professor: SATOH Tokushi (mathematical analysisy)

Associate Professor: TAYA Hisao (algebra)

Course Description

It need not be mentioned that elementary school teachers must have a sufficient level of academic abilities in all subjects. The division aims to cultivate highly skilled teachers who excel in arithmetic and mathematics. We want out students to gain accurate understanding of the meaning of and methods in mathematics and use such understanding in the classroom environment.


The first year consists of the foundation of mathematics with subjects such as differential and integral calculus. From the second year on, specialized subjects in algebra, geometry, and mathematical analysis as well as those related to mathematical education are taught.

Licenses and Certificates

License can be obtained with the completion of graduation requirements: Elementary School Teacher's License: Category 1

Employment Situation and Career Opportunities

Data are not available since this course has only been created.