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Message from the President

English Communication Course


Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Professor: TAKEMORI Tetsushi (English literature)

Appointed Professor: TAKAHASHI Kiyoshi (English philology: semantics, pragmatics, syntactics, linguistics, Japanese-English contrast research)

Appointed Professor: HASEGAWA Alison (English education: English communication)

Associate Professor: SUZUKI Wataru (English education: English pedagogy,Second language acquisition theory

Associate Professor: Adrian Leis (English communication)

Course Description

The objective of this course is to cultivate basic knowledge appropriate for teachers in primary education to accommodate students during this special time period when they experience many physical and psychological changes. It also trains its students to become teachers who can take initiative in elementary school English activities with the emphasis on "listening and speaking." Students are also trained to take into consideration how elementary school English education leads to junior high school English education.


Students are taught the basics in English in the first year (English Conversation A (primary) and English Composition A and B). From the second year on, students strive for continued improvements of their English abilities (English Conversation B (primary), English Conversation C (primary), and English Communication General Training), understand basic theories in elementary school level English and second language acquisition (Survey of Elementary School English Education and Theories in Second Language Acquisition), and add deeper analyses to their understanding from perspectives of literature, English philology, foreign language education, and English communication. Furthermore, in order to enhance practical skills, "Practical Participatory Training in English Communication Education," "Practical Research on English Communication Teaching Material A," and "Practical Research on English Communication Teaching Material B" are offered in the first, second, and the third years, respectively. In addition, classes in Reading for Cross-Cultural Comprehension are also offered.

Licenses and Certificates

Elementary School Teacher's License: Category 1 (with the completion of graduation requirements)
The following licenses can also be obtained as secondary licenses:
Kindergarten Teacher's License: Category 1 or 2, Junior High School Teacher's License: Category 1 or 2, High School Teacher's License: Category 1 or 2, Special-Needs School Teacher's License: Category 1 or 2

Employment Situation and Career Opportunities

It is expected that students who graduate from this course will become elementary school teachers with a firm doctrine and highly practical skills.