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Message from the President

Japanese Language Course


Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Professor: ENDO Hitoshi (Japanese philology)

Professor: KOJIMA Yukiko (classical literature)

Professor: KODAMA Tadashi (Japanese education)

Professor: NAKACHI Aya (children's literature)

Associate Professor: ODA Miwako (classical Chinese)

Associate Professor: TSUDA Satoshi (Japanese philology)

Associate Professor: SANO Miki (Japanese education)

Appointed Associate Professor: MUSHIAKE Miki

Course Description

In order to accomplish appropriate instruction of a diverse group of students in all subjects at different levels and ages of children, students in this course strive to acquire firm academic as well as practical teaching skills based in "Japanese" through a carefully chosen curriculum. For this reason, the division is staffed with specialists in various areas of Japanese education such as Japanese education, children's literature, Japanese philology, Japanese literature, and calligraphy. The division also provides opportunities for on-site learning so that prospective teachers will be equipped with academic skills and teaching abilities appropriate for elementary school teachers.


Students first take 18 units of classes spanning all subjects of elementary school (first to second years) and another 18 units in teaching material research techniques (second to third years). Along with the classes mentioned above, students also take "Japanese Seminar (introductory)," "Japanese Basic Reading" (first year), "Survey of Japanese," "Survey of Japanese Literature," "Survey of Classical Chinese" (second year), "Calligraphy A" (first to second years), "Japanese Comprehension," "Japanese Expression" (second to third years), "Japanese Education Training" (third to fourth years), and so on. Furthermore, students also learn, as part of practice teach related subjects, "Practical Participatory Training in Japanese Education (introductory)" (first year), and "Japanese Teaching Material Practical Research" (second to third years) to prepare for "practice teach" in the third and fourth years. In the fourth year, they write graduation theses.

Licenses and Certificates

License can be obtained with the completion of course requirements: Elementary School Teacher's License: Category 1. License can be obtained with the completion of additional courses: Junior High School Teacher's License: Category 1 (Japanese), High School Teacher's License: Category 1 (Japanese).

Employment Situation and Career Opportunities

Teachers (Miyagi and other prefectures in Tohoku, Tokyo, Yokohama, etc), government employees (Miyagi Prefectural Police Department, Natori city, Japan Post, and university officials), private enterprises (Tohoku Ricoh, Nippon Seiki, Mitsubishi-related companies, Aoyama Trading Corporation, cram school teachers, etc), and continuation of education (Tohoku University Graduate School, Perugia International University (Italy), and Miyagi University of Education Postgraduate Study Course).