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Message from the President

Educational Psychology Course


Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Professor: TAIRA Makio (psychology of learning)

Associate Professor: KUBO Junya (clinical psychology)

Associate Professor: ETSUCHU Koji (developmental psychology)

Course Description

The major objective of this course is to train elementary school teachers equipped with educational backgrounds in educational psychology. Specialty of the professors, associate professors, and lecturers of this course are one of the following: developmental psychology, psychology of learning, or clinical psychology. Students can learn in depth the problems with contemporary education from those perspectives.


Subjects in the first and second years include reading of academic texts, research techniques, and laboratory practice, and all students learn these basic subjects that underlie educational psychology. In the second to third years, students' understanding of specialized areas of developmental, learning, and clinical psychology deepens through lectures and training. And in the final year, graduation research is conducted and concluded.
Also, at the same time students learn the above subjects, they also take a group of courses specialized in teaching methodology related to acquisition of elementary school teacher's license. Students individually choose subjects from a specific area so that they can study subjects in which they excel.

Licenses and Certificates

License can be obtained with the completion of course requirements: Elementary School Teacher's License: Category 1. Licenses can be obtained with the completion of specified additional courses: Kindergarten Teacher's License: Category 1 and Junior High School Teacher's License: Category 1 or 2 (individuals can choose the subject), etc.

Employment Situation and Career Opportunities

Teachers: elementary schools (Sendai, Miyagi, Hokkaido, Akita, Iwate, Tokyo, Yokohama, Kanagawa, etc)
Junior high schools (Sendai, Miyagi, etc)
Government employees: occupations in psychology in Fukushima and Iwate, etc
Private enterprises: FM Sendai, YMCA, etc
Continuation of education: Miyagi University of Education Graduate School, Tohoku University Graduate School, Johchi University of Education Graduate School, Tokyo International Language University Graduate School, etc