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Message from the President

Pedagogy Course


Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Professor: HONZU Manami (educational administration)

Professor: NASHIMOTO Yutaro (social pedagogy)

Professor: TABATA Taketo (pedagogy)

Professor: HONDA Yoshikatsu

Course Description

Understanding children's learning and life at school, taking a look at systems and the social environment surrounding education, contemplating the future of education from history or international situations...... This course offers broad perspectives on and methods in thinking about education at schools and other places. The emphasis is placed on small-group teaching and the relationship with educational environments so that individual interests of each student can be taken into consideration.


In "Pedagogy Practical Participatory Training" in the first year, students learn the basic thinking methodology related to education and learning styles at university level education through seminars which has in its core the observations at elementary schools.
In "Pedagogy Practical Research A and B" in the second and third years, students strive to improve their practical teaching skills through preparation for practice teach, including class analyses, drafting of teaching plan proposals, and simulated class teaching.
Simultaneously in the second and third years, students aim to deepen their understanding of education through lectures in pedagogy, history of education, educational matters and methodology, education systems, educational sociology, and social education as well as "Pedagogy Special Lectures" encompassing topics in a large variety, taught by extramural lecturers.
Finally, in the third and fourth years, students conduct graduation research to cap four years of their training in "School Education Basic Training" and "School Education Applied Training."

Licenses and Certificates

License can be obtained with the completion of course requirements: Elementary School Teacher's License: Category 1
License can be obtained with the completion of specified additional courses: Kindergarten Teacher's License: Categories 1 and 2, Junior High School Teacher's License: Categories 1 and 2, High School Teacher's License: Category 1, and Special-Needs School Teacher's License: Categories 1 and 2

Employment Situation and Career Opportunities

It is expected that most students obtain job positions in the fields of education, including elementary school teachers. We are yet to have graduation of any students, but the School Education Course in the former School Education Program had high employment rates in teaching occupations.