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Message from the President

Children and Culture Course


Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Professor: ENDO Hitoshi (Japanese philology)

Professor: NAKACHI Aya (children's literature)

Course Description

This course aims to train elementary school teachers to have a firm understanding of children, sensitivity, and practical abilities through specialized course subjects and relevant practical activities that give special consideration to their relation to elementary school education as well as to learning through playing at after-school programs and Children's Centers.


Students begin to learn children's culture in course specialized subjects immediately after the entrance to university. At the same time, students accumulate skills and knowledge through year-round practical activities in close collaboration with after-school programs and elementary schools in Sendai. There is a system in place which enables students to create a subject in which they can excel and specialize. There are also opportunities for the sophomores and juniors or juniors and seniors to learn together and have meaningful exchanges. Students participate in practice teach in the third and fourth years with their experience in the fields that they have gained in the previous two years. In the fourth year, students conclude their four years of study by writing graduation theses.

Licenses and Certificates

Licenses can be obtained with the completion of graduation requirements: Elementary School Teacher's
License: Categories1 and Secondary, Kindergarten Teacher's License: Categories 1 and 2, Junior High School Teacher's
License: Categories 1 and 2, High School Teacher's License: Category 1, Special-Needs School Teacher's License: Categories 1 and 2

Employment Situation and Career Opportunities

It is expected that students gain positions as elementary school teachers, juvenile instructors, and juvenile welfare workers as well as to continue their education into graduate schools.