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Message from the President

PE and Health Science Courses


Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Professor: SATO Setsuko

Professor: IKEDA Koichi (Exercise Methods Studies, Biomechanics)

Professor: KINOSHITA Hidetoshi (Study in Sports Exercise, Methods for Exercise Apparatus)

Associate Professor: KUROKAWA Naoyuki

Lecturer: NUMAKURA Manabu (PE Health Care Education)

Lecturer: SATO Ryohei (PE Health Care Education)

Course Description

Students in this course aim to acquire well-rounded knowledge in a wide range of subjects taught in elementary school, along with the ability to deal with children in various developmental phases. In addition to these, we put emphasis on courses related to PE and Health Education in order to cultivate their specialized knowledge and skills, aiming at developing teachers who can contribute well to important aspects of elementary school education such as PE, athletic festivals and school health care. These days, children's health and sports activities are assuming more and more importance, with much expectation and many problems to be solved. Keeping this in mind, students
are to study what Elementary School Education is, together with cultivating practical ability.


Students learn their specialized subjects in addition to the compulsory courses in Elementary Education Teacher Training Track. From the first year, their subjects consist of three components, namely, basic theories, basic knowledge on PE and practical training. As they proceed to the second year, practical training becomes more specialized, and in the following second and third year, they are engaged in Practical Training on Teaching Materials, which is a part of increasing hands-on training, together with Practice Teaching in their third and fourth year. Build-up to the graduation thesis project starts from their very first year, as they take 'Basic Training for PE and Health', which is followed by 'Training for PE, Health and Sports' and 'Training for Research in Health and PE' in following years, paving the way for their graduation thesis project in the fourth year.

Licenses and Certificates

Granted upon graduation: Elementary School Teacher's License: Category 1
By taking designated courses, the following licenses are available in addition to the above: License for Kindergarten (Category 1 or 2), Junior High School (Category 1 or 2), High School (Category 1) and Special Needs School (Category 1 or 2).

Employment Situation and Career Opportunities

As we are only in our second year, we would like to state expected careers only.
Teachers: elementary school, junior high school
Public Servants: Prefecture Office, Municipal Office, Police and Fire Department
Companies: Cram School, Publishing, Sports Club and Sports Manufacturing
Further Academic Career: Master's Degree