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Message from the President

Information and Manufacturing Course


Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Professor: UGAWA Yoshihiro (Bioinformatic Science)

Professor: MIZUTANI Yoshinari (Electronic Engineering)

Professor: ANDO Akinobu (Technology Education)

Professor: KADOTA Kazuo (Mechanical engineering)

Lecturer: ITAGAKI Shota (Technology Education)

Technical Staff: ABE Hiromasa

Course Description

Elementary school teachers are required to have well-rounded knowledge on a wide range of subjects taught in schools, along with the ability to deal with children of various ages and developmental stages. The environment in which children are raised has changed to a large extent, raising a variety of issues in the classroom environment. In this course, students acquire basic Information Technology (IT) and technical arts through theoretical and practical training. These subjects have been absent from elementary school education up to this point. Our goal is to educate students to become teachers who have strong practical skills, capable of utilizing their knowledge and skills in response to the changing environment and conditions. Furthermore, we encourage students to participate in various workshops and classes as assistant teachers, in order to further understand each specialized field.


In their first and second year, students learn the basics of technical arts and science through the foundation of Xyloid Machining, Metallic Processing, Agronomics, Mechanical Science Electronics and IT courses. In the following year, they work on the application and practical IT training, together with the supervised project of developing teaching materials. In classes, attention is paid to actively integrate practical training into otherwise simple lectures. In their final year, students work on their graduation thesis under teachers who are designated advisors. In order to make sure they are sufficiently informed and allowed enough time, it is compulsory for students in this course to do presentation on their graduation theses in their third year. It is also noted that they are expected to decide their supervisor by the end of the same year, a decision we support by organizing numerous research laboratory visits and graduation thesis guidance. Furthermore, efforts are made to guarantee their campus life is fulfilling by organizing joint-seminars with the Division of Technology Education with guidance and discussions on many different issues, generating good relationships between students across different years of study and between students and the teaching staff.

Licenses and Certificates

Granted upon graduation: Elementary School Teacher's License Category 1
Available licenses: Junior High School Teacher's License Category 1
(technology), High School Teachers License Category 1 (engineering)

Employment Situation and Career Opportunities

Although we have not had graduates yet, they are expected to be
teachers mainly at elementary schools.