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Message from the President

Early Childhood Education Course


Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Professor: SATO Tetsuya (infant psychology)

Appointed Professor: SASAKI Takako

Associate Professor: IIJIMA Noriko

Course Description

This course fosters practical skills, perspectives on pre-school education, and leadership qualities in prospective teachers in addition to broad perspectives on and highly specialized mind in the development and education of children. Students also acquire practical knowledge on family support and child-rearing support.
The course consists of both lecture-based and training-based classes, but either course offers learning that leads to understanding of the classroom environment and reality of children. Students learn the skills to express themselves in an enjoyable way.


Infant psychology, infant pedagogy, infancy and child-care, children and expression, Training in infant education research, etc From the first year, students learn the reality of children as they accumulate experience working with children. Students are also encouraged to volunteer at kindergartens, child-care centers, or after-school programs as part of their extracurricular activities.
There are also courses (training) in which the sophomores and juniors or juniors and seniors learn together and have meaningful exchanges. Juniors perform practical teaching training at kindergartens and seniors at elementary schools. In the senior year, students conduct graduation research and write graduation theses.

Licenses and Certificates

Kindergarten Teacher's License: Category 1
Elementary school Teacher's License: Category 1
Other licenses can also be obtained.
Individuals who want to obtain Nursery Teacher's License must take national examination.

Employment Situation and Career Opportunities

Kindergartens, nursery centers, preschools, elementary schools, after-school programs, government employees, and private enterprises