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Divisions and Departments

Department of Domestic Science


Overview of the Department

Department of Domestic Science is a group of teaching staff who teach Division of Domestic Science Education for the Teacher's Training Course. It consists of five areas and we work responsibly on various lectures, training and experiments in order to offer fulfilling education in the Division of Domestic Science Education. Part-time lecturers are hired when we need to deal with an area that full-time teaching staff cannot cover, and counseling service is offered for students to make sure they can concentrate on their studies without any problems.
This department also constitutes one of base departments for the MA in Life Education program, which consists of five areas and we take part in teaching and supervising students in this course.

Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Professor: KAMATA Yoshiro (Sitology)

Professor: NISHIKAWA Shigekazu (Clothing)

Professor: SUGAWARA Masanori (Homemaking, Housing)

Professor: KAMEI Aya

Associate Professor: ONODERA Taiko

Associate Professor: KOUSOKABE Taku

Department Projects and Community Partnership Activities

We organize open-lectures, research classes in conjunction with Associate Elementary/Junior High/Special Needs School, along with sending our staff to, and conducting joint research with various Domestic Science study groups in junior high/high schools in Sendai and Miyagi.