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Divisions and Departments

Department of Physical Education, Health Care


Overview of the Department

We work on research and education in various areas of PE, Health Care, Sports Science and Health Science. Also, with our teaching staff as the central members, we form a loose-knit research group, which is open to teachers in Associate Schools and alumni. We have published the achievements of this study group as 'Miyagi University of Education Physical Education, Health Care Research'.
Our teaching staffs teach and supervise projects of:

PE, Health Care-related subjects in Basic Education Subjects and General Education Subjects
PE, Health Care-related subjects in Subjects for Teaching
Subjects in Division of PE, Health Care in Teacher Training Course, Division of Health and Welfare in Life-Long Education Course and Division of Children Culture in Life-Long Education Course
Subjects in MA in PE, Health Care
Graduation projects/theses of '3' and '4'

Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Professor: MAEDA Junichi (Exercise Physiology)

Professor: IKEDA Koichi (Exercise Methods Studies, Biomechanics)

Professor: KINOSHITA Hidetoshi (Study in Sports Exercise, Methods for Exercise Apparatus)

Professor: KUROKAWA Tetsuya (PE Health Care Education, Study Materials Research)

Appointed Professor: SATOMI Mariko (Physical Expression Theory, Gymnastics)

Associate Professor: KAMIYA Taku

Associate Professor: KUROKAWA Naoyuki

Department Projects and Community Partnership Activities

In conjunction with the Board of Education of Sendai and Miyagi, we are conducting systematic analysis of sports test data of elementary/junior high/high school children and school health, also offering advices for policies concerning health and strength.
We send our staff as a lecturers to various PE, Health Care study groups in Elementary/Junior High/High Schools in Sendai and Miyagi. We are also actively involved as advisors for the formation of 'Life-Long Sports Plan' in many cities and towns.
We support PE Association and various sports organizations in Miyagi, working on instruction, investigation and research.