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Divisions and Departments

Department of Art Education


Overview of the Department

This department consists of professors and associate professors who work on education, research and practical expression of their specialized areas, such as Art Education, Painting, Sculpture, Craft, Design and Art History/Theory. They are responsible for the following:

Subjects related to art in Basic Education Subjects and General Education Subjects.
Subjects related to Art-and-Craft and Art in Subjects for Teaching
Specialized Subjects in Art Culture Course in Teacher Training Course and Life-Long Education Course
Specialized Subjects in MA in Art Education, also working on guidance of the graduation thesis for both undergraduates and postgraduates.

Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Professor: ASANO Haruyuki (Craft - Ceramics)

Professor: KATSURA Masahiko (Design - Product, Graphic and Spatial)

Professor: NITTA Hideki (Art History, Art Theory - Theory on Contemporary Art)

Professor: TORAO Yutaka (Sculpture - Three-Dimensional Expressions)

Professor: HIRAKAKIUCHI Kiyoshi (Painting - Prints, Media Arts)

Associate Professor: ABIKO Fumihira (Painting - Two-Dimensional Expressions, Oil Paintings)

Associate Professor: MURAKAMI Takashi (Art Education - Art Projects)

Department Projects and Community Partnership Activities

Partnership Classes with teachers' research group in elementary school arts and crafts.
Offering students an opportunity to do internships in Sendai's Cultural Institutions.
Consultant works for institutions including Sendai Cultural Foundation and Miyagi Industrial Design Exchange Conference.
Project for revitalizing local shopping street through art-projects.