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Divisions and Departments

Department of Music Education


Overview of the Department

Department of Music Education consists of eight teaching staff, of which two are specialized in vocals (songs, opera), one in composition, two in music pedagogy, one in conducting, one in musicology, one in piano.
The largest event the department has worked on is Shuonkai Music Festival, that takes place in mid-February and Early March every year. Shuonkai is an alumni organization and the festival is run in cooperation with the undergraduates, postgraduates and alumni, with every student in the department participating and third year students of the Teacher Training Course and Life-Long Education Course as leaders.
In February, a variety of presentations by students and alumni are delivered in the Music uilding and Auditorium of MUE, concerning achievements of classes and individual research themes. In the following month, presentations and musical performances on their graduation theses (both under/postgraduates) are delivered in IZUMITY21. Furthermore, when there are new or retiring teaching staff, they give lectures or musical performances in this music festival.
Shuonkai Music Festival has now been held more than thirty times and it is a highly unique event even on a national scale. An opera performance takes place in November every year in the auditorium and is another characteristic event of our department which is well received every year.
It is held as a presentation of joint-seminars with the Department of Art Education. It is also noted that we are the only department in northern Kanto that offers classes on non-European music such as Gamelin of Bali.

Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Professor: KURATO Teru (Piano)

Professor: HIBINO Hiroyuki (Conducting, Concert, Orchestra)

Professor: OWA Keiko (Vocal)

Professor: KIKKAWA Kazuo (Composition)

Professor: OSHIO Satomi (Musicology)

Professor: HARADA Hiroyuki (Vocal)

Associate Professor: OBATA Chihiro (Music Education)

Department Projects and Community Partnership Activities

The Watanabe Seminar Miyagi University of Education Orchestra has a history of more than 20 years, having been active since 1987. It has more than 80 members, consisting of music-related students and those from other departments who are interested in music.
Apart from their regular concerts that take place twice or three times a year, their activities include performances in schools in Miyagi, which constitute a remarkable contribution to the local community, performing in the choral society of the Associated Elementary School, where they also accompany children's choral singing.