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Divisions and Departments

Department of Science Education


Overview of the Department

The staff of this course consists of eighteen teachers and one educational affairs official who specialize in physics, chemistry, biology, geoscience and science education.
They provide guidance for students' graduate research in the Division of Science Education and Division of Physical Environment and are also in charge of the following courses in the Department of Education:

Courses in the educational domain in the Division of Science Education in Teacher Training Course
Courses in the educational domain in the Division of Physical Environment in Life-long Education Course
Teaching courses related to science and science education
Courses in basic education and liberal education related to natural science

Moreover, teachers of this course provide guidance to graduate students in Science Education and Environment Education of the Research Division of Education in drafting their master theses as well as take charge of the following courses in the Department of Education:

Specialized courses in Science Education in School Education
Specialized courses in Environmental Education in School Education
Clinical education research

Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Physics: FUKUDA Yoshiyuki (particle physics, cosmic-ray physics)

Physics: UCHIYAMA Tetsuji (physicality, membrane・surface-interface physicality)

Physics: NISHIYAMA Shogo

Chemistry: IKEYAMA Takeshi (physicochemistry)

Chemistry: SAWATARI Hideyuki (analytic chemistry, geochemistry)

Chemistry: KASAI Kayoko (organic chemistry, complex chemistry)

Biology: DEGUCHI Ryusaku (zoological embryology)

Biology: KOBAYASHI Yasushi

Biology: MUNAKATA Arimune (behavioral physiology)

Department Projects and Community Partnership Activities

In addition to education and student guidance on campus, Science Education plays an active role in the following projects and activities:

International educational cooperation: collaborative participation with Columbia in an educational project "Enhancement of Physical Science and Mathematics Educator Training System" (a 5 year program which started in 2003) and with Myanmar and Laos in other educational projects
Friendship Project: science laboratory "Let's Enjoy Science" for junior high school students taught by students of this course themselves every year since 1996
Science Partnership (SPP) Class: education partnership seminars with Sendai Mukaiyama High School since 2003
Open-Campus Special Project: series of projects called "Science Adventure" has been offered every year since 1999, in which children and their parents can experience the joy of science through observations and experiments
Open Seminar: Seminars "Learning Nature of Our Hometown" and "Experience! Chemistry Laboratory" are offered to the general public every year
Others: various practical classes and support are offered at elementary and junior high schools and social education facilities in Sendai, including "Practical Class on New Astronomical Education."