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Divisions and Departments

Department of Mathematics Education


Overview of the Department

Students of this course are in charge of mathematics and information mathematics for the Teacher Training Course, including basic education, liberal education, and mathematical education courses, as well as Mathematics Education at Graduate School.

Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Professor: URYU Hitoshi (mathematical analysis)

Professor: KAMADA Hiroyuki (geometry)

Professor: TAKASE Koichi (algebra)

Professor: MORIOKA Masaomi (mathematical education)

Professor: ASOH Toru (geometry)

Associate Professor: SATOH Tokushi (mathematical analysisy)

Associate Professor: TAYA Hisao (algebra)

Department Projects and Community Partnership Activities

Open seminars targeting in-service teachers and general public
Research (arithmetic, mathematic) in collaboration with various levels of schools in Sendai and Miyagi as part of community cooperation with Miyagi Prefectural Board of Education and Sendai Municipal Board of Education
Seminars for teacher's license accreditation
Cooperation with JICA project "Enhancement of Columbian Mathematics Educator Training System" and admission of educational officials from Columbia in a five-year project since 2003
Organization of annual competition of Miyagi mathematics education research and Tohoku area arithmetic and mathematic research and consultations for sectional meetings as the chairman and executive board members of Miyagi Mathematics Education Research Association.