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Divisions and Departments

Department of Social Studies Education


Overview of the Department

Professors, associate professors, and lecturers of this course are conducting research in areas of their specialty, including Japanese education, Japanese philology, Japanese literature, classical Chinese, calligraphy, children's literature, Japanese language and circumstances.
In this course, "MUE Association for Japanese Philology and Literature" is set up and presentation seminars are organized each year to release research findings to current and former students as well as researchers at other universities and general public. Newsletter "MUE Japanese Philology and Literature" is also published.
This course is staffed with educators specialized in history (Japanese history and Eastern and Western history), geography(human geography, physiography, and topography), philosophy, ethics, jurisprudence, political science, sociology, and economics in addition to the basic areas such as geography, history, and civics.
As for the education, specialized education and graduation research guidance are offered to students in Teacher Training Course, Special Education Course, and Life-long Education Course. Rich education is also offered in basic education and liberal education subjects as part of liberal arts education. Regarding research, university staff playing commanding roles at conferences in various academic areas as well as young researchers are highly motivated in conducting unique research activities. They are also strongly motivated in student education.

Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Professor: KANNO Hitoshi (sociology: sociology)

Professor: KOGANEZAWA Takaaki (geography: human geography)

Professor: SAIJO Kiyoshi (geography)

Professor: TAKEUCHI Hiroshi (economics: economics)

Professor: MATSUOKA Naotoshi (social studies pedagogy: social studies education)

Professor: YOSHIDA Tsuyoshi (social studies pedagogy: social studies education)

Professor: KAWASAKI Souichi (philosophy)

Professor: TANAKA Yoshihide (history:history of Western World)

Associate Professor: ISHIDA Masaki (political science)

Associate Professor: HOTTA Yukiyoshi (Japanese history)

Associate Professor: TAKAHASHI Shuichi

Department Projects and Community Partnership Activities

We have taken the following approaches in a search for common interests in student classes at Miyagi University of Education:
Relations of elementary school subjects and course education (1979, 1983)
World recognition and international comprehension education (1984~1985)
General research on new world recognition (1993~1994)
Research on liberal education (2001)
Regarding community partnership activities, approaches have been made mostly by professors and lecturers on their own rather than by the course itself due to the fact that the course consists of specialized researchers who possess expertise in broad areas of academia.