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Divisions and Departments

Department of Special Needs Education


Overview of the Department

We are in charge of: 'Visioin-Impaired Education Course' - a course on education for blind/vision impaired children. 'Hearing/Language-Impaired Education Course' - a course on education for the deaf and hearing impaired. 'Developmental Disorder Education Course' - a course on education for developmental disorders, centering on hypophrenia and autism. 'Health/Motion Impaired Education' - a course on education for valetudinarian and orthopedically-impaired. 'Postgraduate Study Course in Special Needs Education' - which have the course 'Valetudinarian Education'.
In association with two staff members of the Special Needs Education Research Center, 10 members of our staff work on research and education, which cover all designated areas of disorders regarding Special Needs Education, supporting Special Needs Education in both research and practice, in and out of the university.

Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Professor: SEKIGUCHI Hirohisa (Child Psychiatry)

Professor: FUJISHIMA Shota (Psychology of Hearing/Language-Impaired, Practical Research on Signal Activities in Language-Impaired Cases)

Professor: MURAKAMI Yoshinori (Studies in Valetudinarianism and Motion-Disorder)

Professor: SUGAI Hiroyuki (Hearing/Language-Impaired Studies, Communication Disorder Studies, Blind-Deaf Education)

Professor: NAGAO Hiroshi (Vision-Impaired Pedagogy)

Professor: SATO Shizuka (Clinical Psychology)

Associate Professor: MATSUZAKI Jo (Hearing/Language-Impaired Children Pedagogy, Sign Language Linguistics, Educational Support for Higher Education for Hearing-Impaired Students)

Associate Professor: NAGAI Nobuyuki (Psychology of Vision-Impaired)

Associate Professor: UEKIDA Jun (Education of Physically and Mentally Handicapped Children)

Appointed Professor: AOKI Shigeyoshi (Vision-Impaired Pedagogy)

Department Projects and Community Partnership Activities

We are actively involved in many activities, including lectures, councils and counseling in cooperation with the Board of Education and Schools. We are active also in organizing open-lectures and supporting designated programs, contributing to improvement of educational ability of schools and the society. Another role of ours that is becoming more and more important is to serve as a contact point for students who wish to participate in volunteer activities, along with offering them opportunities for experiencing nursing care, Practice Teaching and student counseling.