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Divisions and Departments

Department of Infant Education


Overview of the Department

Infant Education consists of Pre-school Education Course and Track and Culture Track.
The two courses each have a unique educational design as well as share the same class contents. Pre-school Education Track aims to train teachers for kindergartens, preschools, child-care centers, and elementary schools. Children and Culture Track aims to train elementary school teachers.
Professor Sato Masako and associate professor Ito Junko are in charge of the Pre-school Education Track. Professor Sato specializes in teaching methodology in child-care and health and professor Ito in infant psychology.
Professor Endo Hitoshi and associate professor Nakachi Aya are in charge of the Children and Culture Track. Professor Endo specializes in Japanese philology and professor Nakachi in children's literature.
Other teachers provide assistance to classes in addition to the professors mentioned above.
Please refer to the introduction sections for more detailed course information.

Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Professor: ITO Junko (infant psychology)

Professor: SATO Tetsuya (infant psychology)

Department Projects and Community Partnership Activities

The two courses each participate in community partnership projects. Pre-school Education Course sends student volunteers to kindergartens, child-care centers, preschools, after-school programs, elementary schools and pediatric department of hospitals. Students are encouraged to gain experience there and integrate it into their graduation research. Children and Culture Course sends volunteers to elementary schools and after-school programs. The strong background in on-site practical training in dealing with children as part of the curriculum makes this possible. Both courses give special consideration to encouraging students to accumulate valuable experience in off-campus practices and activities that can hardly be gained only by on-campus courses.