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Divisions and Departments

Department of English Education


Overview of the Department

The course consists of educators who are conducting research in specialized areas such as English education, English communication, English philology, and English-American literature. There are two to three teachers in each area, they accommodate various needs in education and research in the fields of English. In the fourth year, each of the professors, associate professors, and other teachers supervise and provide guidance to graduation thesis writing processes in English education, English philology, and English-American literature. In addition, research findings of the professors and associate professors are released to public in "MUE Foreign Language Research Theories" that is published every other year.

Professors and Lecturers in Charge

Professor: ITAGAKI Nobuya (English education: English pedagogy, psycholinguistics)

Professor: TAKAHASHI Kiyoshi (English philology: semantics, pragmatics, syntactics, linguistics, Japanese-English contrast research)

Professor: NISHIHARA Tetsuo (English philology: phonetics, phonology, morphology)

Associate Professor: SUZUKI Wataru (English education: English pedagogy,Second language acquisition theory

Associate Professor: TAKEMORI Tetsushi (English literature)

Associate Professor: Adrian Leis (English communication)

Associate Professor: NEMOTO Alison (English education: English communication)

Department Projects and Community Partnership Activities

"In-Service Teachers Education Seminars" in collaboration with Miyagi University of Education and Miyagi Prefectural Board of Education

Psycholinguistic Research on English Education Seminar Lecturer: ITAGAKI Nobuya (professor), Anthony Paul Crooks (associate professor)
Empirical Research on English Education Seminar Lecturer: ITAGAKI Nobuya (professor)
Towards English Activities at Elementary School~What and How to Integrate~Seminar Lecturer: SASAKI Yuri (Associate Professor)