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Environmental Education Center

The Environmental Education Center was established in April 1997 through the reorganization of the Division of Science Education. Its purpose is to promote research on environmental education with the objective of providing students with a strong knowledge of environmental issues, developing awareness and responsibility regarding the necessity to protect our environment through environmental pollution prevention. It also strives to promote environmental education in schools and to raise awareness of environmental ethics and preservation. This Center works with teachers consisting mainly of additional teachers from affiliated schools and with the prefectural and municipal Boards of Education in order to pursue the following educational research activities:

Training of educators who are able to act upon the principles of environmental education.
Environmental education targeting graduate school mature students.
Establishment and support of environmental education in schools.
Contributing to the community through environmental education projects based on past research accomplishments.
Promotion of environmental education education utilizing broad area information and telecommunication networks.
Practical training and proposal of Field Museum.

Full-time teachers at this Center are in charge of environmental education and information related subjects at undergraduate school as well as lectures and special research at graduate school with the assistance form additional teachers from affiliated schools.

Center for Clinic in Education

This Center is an affiliated institution of Miyagi University of Education and is adjacent to the Affiliated Elementary School on the Kamisugi campus. Valuable resources include videotaped teaching materials, written records of outstanding class teaching and children's projects from the past 30 years. This Center also offers teaching plans created by trainee teachers over the past several decades to provide assistance for teaching practice activities. Furthermore, we work with the Miyagi prefectural government to offer support to volunteer activities and conduct research on school and educational counseling. In addition, public lectures are also offered for currently employed teachers.

Special Needs Education Research Center

The government is currently promoting the shift from Special Education to Special Needs Education. This Center pursues basic and practical research by offering consultations to teachers and by accumulating information and resources so that appropriate educational assistance can be provided to students requiring special consideration. This Center aims to contribute resources based on past accomplishments to the classroom environment and to the community.

Research Center of International Understanding in Education

In order to meet the needs of the community and schools in this era of rapid globalization, this Center holds the following as its objectives:

To pursue research and education that relate to international understanding, consisting mainly of Japanese language education and elementary school English education.
To actively promote international exchange and understanding among young Japanese and foreign students and Japanese and foreign university students.

Information Processing Center

This Center was established to promote academic research, information processing education and processing of information within the university. Its systems provide assistance to the research and education of our teachers as well as the learning of our students. The Center also aids in the implementation and operation of the online education information system that reflects the latest developments in information processing and computer architecture. Our university's mandate as the only educational university in the Tohoku area is to provide educational information to the community.